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Rapidpay LLC

RapidPay LLC is an online, e-commerce payment solution that operates without the need of a Bank account or Credit/Debit Card.  This is ideal for anyone who does not have a ACH or SEPA Account to operate with.  So, this platform is ideal for the Caribbean Entrepreneurs/Merchants who wish to partisipate in e-commerce.

RapidPay is here to solve your online or e-commerce limmitations  that are working against your webshop plans.  This platform is  the ideal solution for someone who wishes to sell online without bank account and/or Credit/Debit card. 

Any Caribbean or Latin-American merchant that desires to sell online can receive payments easy with RapidPay and use received payments instantly for any online or in-person payments.

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our Phylosophy

RapidPay has been created  with Caribbean and Latin America in mind.  We aim to provide these merchants with the techonological advantage to be able to conduct their business with the same benefits as their counterparts in the developed countries.  


RapidPay is there also for the common user who just wishes to buy, send money and receive money the easy way.


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